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Florence is one of the most important Italian cities for fashion, some of the most famous Italian fashion designers have native of Florence and, even today, have their corporate headquarters and studio in downtown Firenze.Nel it is possible to find many boutiques and brand that multi-brands, the most important designers in the world scene.

If you are in Florence for your holiday shopping and want to know that you are spoiled for choice for designer clothes or the major brands we recommend that you visit via della Vigna Nuova, Via de 'Tornabuoni and Via Calzaiuoli where you can find shops most important and fashionable.

In Florence the activity 'the goldsmiths are documented since the eleventh century, and their art was governed by the statutes to strict quality assurance. Refined masterpieces of religious art and precious jewels, documented in famous paintings, give us the measure of skilled manual Florentine, codified in the famous treatise sull'oreficeria Cellini.
The site dedicated to excellence all'oreficieria is by far the Ponte Vecchio. The jewelers have distant origins of the Ponte Vecchio over time. In 1563 the Grand Duke Ferdinando I gave orders to the goldsmiths to settle in the local shops of Ponte Vecchio and thus replace the shops of butchers and grocers who for centuries in the Arno threw garbage and waste, damaging the image of the city center. Since then, Ponte Vecchio shops Goldsmith hosts only the highest level.

The city of Florence is also famous for the presence of business now considered historic. It is indeed stores that have kept intact over the decades, the original fittings and furniture and are thus considered small masterpieces of the past.
They include the old pharmacy of Santa Maria Novella Via della Scala, gastronomy Pegna in Via dello Studio, Old England Stores in Via dei Vecchietti, Rivoire, coffee in the historic Piazza della Signoria, the Caffe Gilli in Piazza della Republic, Pineider in Piazza della Repubblica, Libreria the Pig in the Piazza del Mercato Nuovo, Harry's Bar in Lungarno Corsini, Ugo Poggi, Via Strozzi, Farmacia Molteni Via Calzaiuoli, the prestigious fountain pen Visconti Via della Vigna, stock lots Via della Vigna, perfumery Aline Via Calzaiuoli.
If you're craft-oriented products, you can still find shops in historic Via Maggio and Via dei Fossi, for jewelry and watches, handmade artisan jewelry fiornentini by historians are still many historical shops on the Ponte Vecchio.
To craft products such as lamps, frames, objects made glass, textiles, pots, hats please visit the area Oltrarno, in the districts of Santo Spirito and San Frediano, which is just after you cross the Ponte Vecchio.

The shops of leather goods are mainly concentrated in the area of Santa Croce, the market and the Pig Market in San Lorenzo.