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Florence can be enjoyed on foot. It is easy to navigate its narrow streets and discover hidden corners, porches and courtyards really impressive, not to mention even more fascinating areas such as Piazza della Signoria and Piazza del Duomo.
Our recommendation is therefore to give up the car, there are virtually no free parking and it is better put it in a large park and ride. In addition, the center is almost entirely restricted traffic zone, and if you travel by train, the station of Santa Maria Novella you reach it comfortably.
The green-orange ATAF buses cover the entire city network on time and always pass the train station Santa Maria Novella. The service runs until 1:50 at night, the ticket for a single ride costs 1.20 and € 5.00 that day.

Who wants to see Florence and enjoy the outstanding attractions of the city willingly uses public transport, particularly bus ATAF, environmentally friendly, timely and convenient to travel around in downtown. For a stay of several days should purchase the weekly or the carnet card Agile - 35 tickets from 90 minutes and costs 30.00 - useful for easily take advantage of the 100 lines that connect the different parts of Florence until late at night.

Florence was a center not too long that is easy to explore by bicycle and turn.